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Powerful equalizer tools

Change every aspect of your music. Listen how you like! Boostify is the #1 when it comes to music customisation. Custom effects, eq, and more just at your fingertips.


Awesome features

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Many people already trust in Boostify

At the time you look at this webpage ? people listened for ? to music thru Boostify! We thank all of you for your support 💙




Command Aliases Description Usage
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Feature Normal BoostifyPREMIUM
Export queues
Enable awesome effects 2 8
Queue limit 50 300
Speed & pitch up to 150% up to 500%
BoostifyNow! (24/7 Support)
Support the developement
Applies to / Only you or whole guild
Donation amount FREE 1 Vote = 12h | 50 Votes on same server -> Lifetime

DJ Role

Adding a dj role to your discord will allow you to control the usage of the bot. To enable dj features use b!requireDJ on

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